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About Jim

About Jim

Jim Taylor has a business degree and is a CGMA (Chartered Institute of Global Management Accountant) with 30 years Operational/Financial Director experience of working with large companies Cadbury Schweppes, Mondelez, Dalgety and Refresco and with Entrepreneurs and individuals from over 70 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia with more than 80,000 cross cultural interfaces. Jim has established ‘Taybridge Consultants’ in 2017 for business mentoring providing consultancy to business entrepreneurs. employees and leaders. As Europe Schweppes brands FD, he grew the Schweppes brand across 50 countries in Europe and Asia by franchising, contract-packing, acquisitions of bottling businesses, rationalization projects and day-to-day operational improvement.


In 1994, in the UK he started the change in consumer purchasing away from international brands to Premium Retailer brands with the launch of ‘Sainsbury Classic Cola’ gaining 75% of Sainsbury cola category and reducing Coke’s share from 44% to 9%. He rolled out the Premium Retailer brands concept to all UK major multiples and seven European countries. In 2005 he set-up and managed his own wedding retail and export business focusing on servicing changes to dresses to suit cultural customs and devised the concept of ‘cultural customer and employee experience’ where human empathy is essential to success.


Jim also speaks to leaders about dealing with change from 30 years strategic and operational experience working across 70 countries, male and female led teams, different generations, spectrum of internal and external business silos and functions. Moreover, he has spoken at business colleges on change/uncertainty and reliance under the ‘Working Knowledge’ scheme on a voluntary basis. Jim always adheres to the highest professional standards towards businesses consultancy and his vision of assisting other business drive their business from where they are today to where they need to go tomorrow.

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