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What We Do

What We Do

I achieve results by; consulting on your specific business to achieve change; explaining the three step process for any situation; speaking about practical experiences of achieving change in order to stimulate ideas for your success illustrate the points.

Mountains in Clouds

Business consulting & mentoring through uncertainty and change

If you and your business are struggling to cope with rapid change and uncertainty driven by COVID and digital impacts I mentor businesses to sustain and increase profitability. High-impact, actionable lessons and strategies are my consultancy services.  I guide professionals, CEO, Executives and business minded people from all angles in adapting, finding the solutions, execution and implementation.

I specialize in Consumer Goods, Food and beverages, wholesalers, manufacturers and retailers, hospitality, business with many outlets and global expansion. I will work with you to focus your ideas and concepts on strategic planning, hands-on experience, cost and cash flow improvement over all functions. I possess the experience to see something that you may have missed and can assist you make the sort of impact you need.  Furthermore, I will show you the benefits of improving employee experience and deeper employee empathy; essential to growing and sustaining business performance.  I will demonstrate you how low cost experimentation and learning are needed to manage during uncertainty by giving you a competitive edge.

I specialize in helping people be more flexible, powerful, my talks and advice are dynamic and practical. I am focused and committed to create a highly engaging and interactive experience. You will be receiving mentoring from an experienced business professional so you will have a rock to bring calmness to the situation and you can bounce off with your questions and ideas.


Speaking about personal business experience of managing uncertainty and change

COVID–19 has had a major impact on businesses across the globe. Jim speaks to smaller teams from 30 years strategic and operational experience working across 70 countries, male and female led teams, different generations, spectrum of internal and external business silos and functions. I will share my experiences and key learnings and can support your business needs to recover operationally and strategically during this uncertainty. No matter where you are at, practical tips from my experiences will help your business get to the next level by overcoming change, challenges and uncertainty through resilience.

Speaking Event Topics

  1. Stories about managing and benefiting from uncertainty and rapid change with lessons learned from moving from the aggressive worldwide ‘Cola Wars’ industry to the Wedding Retail industry.

  2. Experiences about managing the impact of wars, financial crisis, new technology and growing power of retailers influencing consumer purchasing habits and optimizing the opportunities.

  3. Experiences of how change/uncertainty stimulated the conditions for a small start-up Cott Beverages to create the concept of ‘Premium Retailer brands’ in the food and drink industry with Sainsbury Classic Cola taking Coke and Pepsi’s store share down dramatically.

  4. Stories about understanding and benefiting from diversity – international M&A and JV’s, worldwide soft drinks franchising, managing cross-cultural negotiations and ongoing operations.

  5. How I created a psychologically safe environment that is essential for the experimentation and learning needed to manage through uncertainty, giving you a competitive edge and preventing disaster

Mountains in Clouds
Mountains in Clouds

Three Step Process

I will provide a free business review session where I will listen to your business needs to fully understand your requirements. I will then show you how to approach and identify the problematic issues to help you find, test and implement solutions along with quickly identify practical ideas to improve profitability based on my experiences. 

3 Step Process to benefit from Uncertainty/Change


  • STEP I Current Business – a review to generating cash to finance new approaches

  • STEP 2 Experimenting - at a low cost to test new approaches to benefit from uncertainty /change

  • STEP 3 Always Ahead – Maintaining Competitive advantage and avoiding disaster

Business Meeting

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